Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The B I G Eurostar move to St Pancras

So today is the day that Eurostar waves farewell to Waterloo and moves to the other side of London town to St Pancras station. There has certainly been lots of work going on down at the station and lots of people singing the praises. I certainly hope that now the journey to France and beyond is going to be faster more people will think about lowering their carbon footprint and use the train instead of flying there instead!

I was really interested to hear about the original clock from the old St Pancras station. It was sold years ago and was promptly dropped and broken as it was being removed! An engine driver called Roland Hoggard bagged all the bits together and took it home, mended it as well as he could and put it in his back garden. Dent, who originally made the clock, tracked Roland down so they could copy the clock exactly for the new one now in St Pancras.

It seems that the new station will indeed be a very busy place. There is to be a farmers market, there is the worlds longest champagne bar, Marks and Spencers and numerous other famous name brands all having shops there. 67 retail shops are there in total. That's a lot of shopping!

I really want to get down to the station and have a good old nose about and take some photos so watch this space!