Thursday, December 28, 2006

A walk along the embankment

Here is a photo of the Millenium Bridge opened in June 2000. This bridge was designed by Sir Normal Foster of "The Gherkin" fame. The design of the bridge caused some concerns when it was first opened to the wobbled and it was shut more or less straight away. The bridge reopened nearly a year later after some remedial works to stop the wobbles.

At the North end of the bridge you can see St Pauls cathedral. A very imposing building indeed. Built between 1675 and 1710 and designed by Sir Christopher Wren after the church on the same site was destroyed by The Great Fire of London.

We also walked to the Globe theatre. This is where Shakespeare is said to have given shows of most of his works. The Globe was painstakinly rebuilt and today we are very lucky to able to take a step back in time.

London is so rich in it's history and it's just there for us to take the time to go and visit!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Tower bridge and the river eastwards to the sea!

Thanks Miss Sunshade, London is a cool place to live most of the time. The decorations in town are just fab but do not come up to the New York shops friends blog has real great photos.

I think I should post some more photos of London!

This photo is of Tower bridge and taken from Butlers Wharf. You can see in the background to the right of the photo "The Gherkin", the newest most beautiful building in the City now days. It was designed by Sir Norman Foster who has designed many buildings around the world.

This next photo is taken from the same place but looking East towards Canary Wharf. The white building is the Design museum and that is a pretty cool place to go and see all kinds of wonderful things. To the left of the museum is a lovely place to eat but they don't allow dogs so we didn't go in, I just sniffed the air as we walked past.

Now here is the back of the above photo. What used to be the Wharfs where men used to unload all the boats from round the world with very interesting deliveries right up until the early 1960's. There are now lots of posh and fancy apartments. It has become very trendy to live here and there are lots of very nice doggies living in these places too.

This photo is taken facing Canary Wharf with all the new great big skyscrapers in the background. Canary Wharf used to be a derelect place with slums and very poor housing. 25 years ago this all started to change with these great big buildings being built and London City airport being opened. Now this is like a City in itself with several big companies based there and the introduction of a new rail line the Docklands railway too. Housing has also been built and it costs an arm and a leg to move out there but very trendy. The river goes out to sea from here and out to the Thames estuary and the English Channel.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

You did notice!

Someone noticed!
Freda...I went to have a nosey at your blog and it would seem I can't, you don't exist. Odd or what?!

Sammy, my dad just lets me sleep wherever I want and that does not always please mum. She has had to go buy a throw for the bed as she has white sheets on it and well, when I get back from the park I'm a little muddy.....

So now I know someone is reading this, here is another photo! A shot of Selfridges on Oxford street with a bus or two infront of it!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

I wonder if anyone will notice!

I thought I would post some London Christmas photos....just like my friend Gene is on his blog! Sadly mum isn't very good at taking photos as dad drives through the mad London traffice...she has chopped the H off Harrods but you know where we are!