Saturday, March 24, 2007

The George Inn

Now this is a wonderful place tucked away on Borough High Street, more or less opposite the market. You could easily miss it and it would be such a shame to do that. The Inn is the last remaining galleried inn in London so another reason that you must not miss visiting there. The inn has been on this site since the 17th century. Charles Dickens and Shakespeare were visitors and there are mentions of the inn in some of their books.

Today the inn attracts visitors from all over the world. It is so close to other attractions in the area and it is really a place not to miss out on seeing and having a pint or two in.

Here are 2 photos taken around 1900 and you can see horses were still being used in the courtyard! The National Trust now own the property and as you can see too, there has been a great deal of restoration going on.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

London Zoo

I recently had reason to visit the Zoo and have to say I had a really nice day!
Oddly enough there was a monkey on the loose as it had escaped and it ran right infront of us. Sadly by the time I had found my camera in the bottom of my bag and got it sorted out it had gone. Now that really added extra fun to the day. We laughed even more when it went up the biggest tree in the Zoo and just there it sat. Soon there were helicopters overhead and men with rope nets running about and the whole area was cut off to the public. I don't think he had come down before we left!

As a child I lived very close to the Zoo and so would often visit there. We loved to see the Chimpanzee's tea parties. Every day at 2pm out would come the chimps all dressed in their Sunday best and there they would sit drinking tea with their little fingers cocked up in the air. The party soon used to turn into a bun fight with the chimps throwing cakes and the cups at each other and the audience! As children we used to love that. Now as adults perhaps we can all question if that was right or wrong to do that to the chimps.

The penguin enclosure was a place I would always head for. Sadly no penguins live in it and they are now over in a smaller enclosure. Feeding time was always such a pleasure to stand and watch. The lions and tigers were sadly all fast asleep, probably bored out of their heads. I do think it's sad to see them there and would like to think that they get swapped around with the animals at Whipsnade. That way they would be able to run free and at least get exercise. What a boring life for them!

Sadly I now question if animals as big as those should be captive in such a manner. They have no quality of life and must be bored rigid.

London Zoo is worth a visit and the kids will love it. There are some new enclosures and things to see so make sure you don't miss them!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Clink!

The Clink!

This is another of Londons little places hidden away that you must go visit or at least walk round the area in is in. It is tucked away near to London Bridge and Southwark Cathederal and also near to Borough market. It is a small museum but it is on the site where there has been a prison of some kind or another since the year 860. At that time there would only have been one small cell. In 1076 punishements were listed and prisoners could expect to have solitary confinement, scourging with rods (sounds painful!) and only bread a water.

The prisoners had the most awful treatment but if they had relations or friends who were well off then they could expect a slightly better time. Jailers were poorly paid themselves and taking money for various things helped them and their families. Candles, bedding, beds etc were hired out to those who were rich enough to afford it. Lighter leg irons were fitted, brothels were allowed to be run from inside the prison to pay for improvements within the building.

Nowdays the prison site has been turned into a museum complete with models of the prisoners and sound effects. Very eerie indeed but well worth a visit but don't take anyone of a nervous disposition along!

Just for you G.S.