Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Cutty Sark.....what a disaster!

London had some terrible news this week. It would seem that arsonists (still to be confirmed) have started a gigantic fire aboard this wonderful tea clipper. The Cutty Sark was in the middle of restorations to restore it back to how it would have been when built back in 1869.

I have visited the Cutty Sark many times and have to admit to being rather sad about the fire. London is so rich in all it's treasures and the reason why approximately 15 million tourists have been aboard to visit it. Thankfully all our treasures survived the Blitz and then someone comes along and sets fire to the Cutty Sark. It just does not make sense. I had an email from a friend, saying she was really sad as she she remembers visiting London and visiting the Cutty Sark as a child. The vessel is at the gateway to the World Heritage Site at Greenwich. The ship was launched from Dumbarton on the river Leven on 22nd November 1869 before sailing to collect the tea from China.

The sight in the early hours of the flames must have been horrendous!

Here you can see the chared remains. I am really hoping something will be done to rebuild the Cutty Sark but I dread to think how much that will cost! I am sure someone somewhere will have a few spare pennies to put in the collection box to help pay for the restoration.


Marvin The Dog said...

Those pictures of the remains of the Cutty Sark are so sad.

I agree, let us hope some good and charitable person will have some (many)pennies to spare to help with the restoration.

Jean x :0)

Nugget said...

Very sad, why do hoomans feel the need to destroy things. Balls I can understand, but not historical treasures.

Marvin The Dog said...

have sent you another email copy of one I sent yesterday, hope you get it!! lotsa news! ;0) j x

(that's three times!)

angela said...

Such a sad thing. Why anyone would want to destroy such a beautiful thing is beyond comprehension.
Thanks for the photos.

WinstonBerry said...

You know, I just saw something on tv about the Cutty Sark and it's history! I thought it was so wonderful that they were going to renovate it and actually sail it again! I had no idea of the fire until I came to your blog (through Loui's). I can't believe someone could be so cruel! I hope it's salvageable.

Toby said...

We saw coverage about the Cutty Shark on our local news too! It's so sad to see something so grand being destroyed like that.

On our news, they said that there were many parts of the Cutty Sark that had been previously removed for the renovations and that those parts luckily are safe.